Wechat Mini Program Design for JR

Done in: 09.2018 / Customer: JR Academy / Task: Wechat Mini Program Design

JR is a private education organisation aiming to provide quality IT training across Australia.

What the client needed

The mini program is designed for course booking. Wechat mini program is a plugin for the Wechat mobile application. Wechat mini programs have simpler usability and layout by nature and the design needs to take into account the difference between a Wechat mini program and a mobile application.

The main requirements of the client are:

  • User could order courses from both course info page and teacher info page
  • Three stages were planned in developing the program
  • Students could track the status of their orders
  • Signup and login need to be supported
  • Visual design should be in accordance with the JR design guideline

My contribution to the project

I was responsible for collecting specific needs from the marketing department of JR Academy and designing the user flow of this mini program. I have created the interactive prototype based on a high-fidelity mockup.

User Flow

Working Environment — Adobe XD