JR Contact Form Design

Done in: 08.2018 / Customer: JR Academy / Task: Contact Form Design

JR is a private education organisation aiming to provide quality IT training across Australia.

What the client needed

Goal: Collect information from potential customers

Medium: Website and Mobile

Format: A form includes three steps

Visual Requirements: The design has to be in accordance with JR Academy’s design guidelines

My contribution to the project

I was the sole UI and UX designer working on this task. I was responsible for collecting specific needs from the marketing department of JR Academy and organising the thoughts into practical steps. The steps of the form were redesigned to reflect UCD principles and as a result of competitor analysis. The goal of the changes was to make the form more user-friendly (easy to understand and easy to use). After discussion and getting approval from the product owner, the process of wireframe designing, user testing, redesign, mock-up was carried out. The results were shown as follows.